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How well do you know what your cat needs?

The SmartyKat® CompleteNeeds® System

Cats aren't as mysterious as you might think. Their quirky, seemingly inexplicable behavior is driven by instinctual, physical and emotional needs common to a long line of feline ancestors. Our patented CompleteNeeds System helps you understand your cat better, so you'll have an easier time meeting those needs... with SmartyKat products.

hunt  |  instinctual need

All cats belong to the same tribe when it comes to hunting behavior. Domestic cats don't usually hunt to satisfy hunger; they stalk small prey out of instinct, curiosity and a release for their boundless energy. Toys help satisfy this drive and offer a kinder substitute for small prey.

interaction  |  emotional need

Cats that trust their owners and other people have fewer behavioral problems and are more enjoyable pets. You earn the trust and affection of your pet through consistent and rewarding interactive play which strengthens the bond you have with your cat.

treats  |  emotional need

Whether you want to modify your cat's behavior or simply want a between-meals way of saying "I love you," find a reward your cat really likes. Cat treats work because they are distinctly different from a cat's daily food ration, which a cat comes to expect.

independence  |  emotional need

Independence isn't just a feline personality quirk, it's a survival instinct. Cats are geared to go it alone in order to gather information about their environment. Since domestic cats have fewer outlets for solitary activities than their wild counterparts, toys for independent play can greatly enrich their lives.

nutrition  |  physical need

Cats were designed by Mother Nature to have their nutritional needs met by the consumption of other animals. In the wild, cats seek out a high-protein, moderate-fat diet with less than 10% of their calories from plant sources. Domestic cats rely on their owners to supply a balanced, high-protein diet.

exercise  |  physical need

A lack of physical activity can lead to feline weight gain, health issues such as diabetes, and even aggression. All cats, but particularly indoor cats with restricted territory to roam, will benefit from activities that invite a cat to call its 500 skeletal muscles into action in the name of fun.

hygiene  |  physical need

In the wild, cleanliness is an essential feline survival skill. For example, grooming helps insulate cats against extreme temperatures. It also removes or restores scents that communicate territory to intruders. Domestic cats are genetically wired to be fastidious.

stimulation  |  physical need

In the wild, cats get all the stimulation they need from tracking the movements of predators and prey. Domestic cats, however—especially indoor cats that don't hunt for food—may need or simply enjoy the focused burst of activity that catnip provides.

rest  |  physical need

Cats can clock up to 18 hours of dozing time each day depending upon age, activity level and living conditions. Because their bodies are designed for short bursts of focused energy, cats sleep very lightly and supplement their longer sleep sessions with what we've come to call "catnaps."

safety  |  physical need

As a predator that can also become prey, cats have an inborn instinct for self-preservation. Domestic cats must rely on their owners to help keep them out of harm's way. Even indoor cats may be exposed to potential hazards that are preventable.

scratch  |  instinctual need

Your cat's desire to scratch is a hard-wired instinct, not a behavioral problem. Claws are indispensable feline tools and scratching keeps them in top shape. Cats need their claws for defense, exercise, balance, hunting, and marking territory.

privacy  |  instinctual need

Even domesticated housecats come from a long line of carnivorous hunters. To balance a life of seeking prey while escaping other predators, feline survival has required stealthy, secretive behavior. Cats feel the most secure when they can view the world from a place of concealment.

Complete Needs System

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