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cat hunting

Hunt toys ecoAdvantages® include

Look for these and other SmartyKat
Hunt toys at retailers near you.

FlutterBalls® feathered toy balls
LoofaChew™ loofa mouse toy
SoftTease™ baton toy
ChickadeeChirp™ bird-sound toy
BirdBoing™ springy bird-sound toy
FeatherFun™ Snap2it! replacement feathers

Complete Needs: Hunt

because cats needs to hunt

stalk... chase, swoop, pounce!

All cats, wild or domestic, indoor or outdoor, belong to the same tribe when it comes to the instinct to hunt. SmartyKat Hunt toys are designed to trigger your cat's predatory response by mimicking the unpredictable sights, sounds and movement of a cat's natural prey.

hunt products

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