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cat scratching a tree

Scratch products
ecoAdvantages® include

Look for these and other SmartyKat Scratch products at retailers near you.

Corrugated scratch products
covered cat scratcher - NEW!
cat scratcher
SuperScratcher+™ cat scratcher
SuperScratchUP™ hanging scratcher
CatChaise™ cat scratcher

Carpeting scratch products
scratch post
CarpetCure™ refillable catnip
hanging scratcher
ScratchScroll™ curvy scratcher

Sisal or seagrass scratch products
scratch post - NEW!
slanted scratcher - NEW!
sisal scratch post
ScratchNip™ catnip scratch mat

Multi-surface/angle products
refillable scratcher
ScratchPod™ refill corrugate pad
PawsPad™ refillable scratcher

Scratch deterrent products
deterrent spray
ScratchNot™ claw barrier tape

Complete Needs: Scratch

because cats needs to scratch

shred, stretch... claw, climb

You can't really blame cats for their scratch crimes—territory is everything to them. Victimizing your sofa with their claws is their instinctive way of saying "you and your sofa belong to me!" SmartyKat Scratch products in recycled corrugated cardboard, carpet and natural sisal surfaces offer a satisfying scratch alternative in a variety of angles and scratch surfaces. SmartyKat deterrents can be used with our scratchers for optimum results.

scratch products

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